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How 9/11 Incident has Affected America in 2015

It has been 14 years since the 9/11 attacks took place and the United States is still engaged in the after effects of the unfortunate incident. Up until the attack, many people did not even know the names al Qaeda or Osama bin laden, and the time when ISIS was not even in existence, to the time when almost every other child in the country fears and shows hatred for such organizations. The incident has made the country something that many of us would have never thought could be possible 30 years ago. Here are a few things that show America has changed in 2015 since the 9/11 incident.



As soon as the 9/11 events took place, instead of helping the victims in need, the US government decided to start its invasion on middle eastern countries, starting with Afghanistan less than a month after the attacks. Later the US troops began the invasion of Iraq. The war in Afghanistan turned out to be one of the longest wars in world history and is still continuing to this date. Hundreds of thousands of people have been deserted, whereas numerous innocent lives have been taken, and many of those people did not even commit the crime for which they are being punished for.



In order to increase the amount of security, the George Bush administration decided to put strict restrictions on certain people to enter the country. This included various different Middle Eastern and south East Asian countries. Many people who were already residing in the US were deported from the country and were banned to re-enter under any circumstances. The deportation process has slowed down and the United States has loosened its hold on the immigration policy, but the processes still continue to date, with at least 100,000 deportations per year.


Air Travel

A time when one only required a passport with visa for foreign travel, or a simple ticket for domestic travel, is now nonexistent. Huge high-tech body scanners, along with a large amount of cctv cameras is typical of airports in the United states. All travelers are thoroughly checked, (for the people with foreign nationalities, it’s even worse), and if they find even a speck of doubt about your integrity then you would book a first class ticket to the interrogation room. Gone are the days when you could just come a few minutes before the departure time and rush to the nearest gate for your flight. Now you have to come at least an hour before time just to get past the security checks, and that is only for domestic flights! Friendly skies indeed!

End of Privacy

After the 9/11 attacks, the US government decided to put up surveillance on almost everything that one can think of. This goes for searching the web to the telephone calls that one makes. In 2015, it has been reported that there is no call in the States that has not been monitored by the NSA. This has brought problems when it comes to privacy of people, and many have made an appeal to the NSA to stop monitoring everything, but then again, the government never listens.

9/11 attacks have changed the American nation completely, and the country that people once thought to be the land of opportunity, is now the country that many people cannot even travel to these days.

September 9th, 2001 was one of the darkest days in world history, when thousands of people died within a matter of minutes as the largest buildings in the world collapsed to the ground. Much has happened since the crash of these great American buildings…
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