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5 Ways to Help 9/11 Victims Right Now!

No doubt, the 9/11 incident was a complete shocker for all of us, with thousands of deaths and countless number of injuries; it remains one of the most horrific disasters in the country’s history. Having to see this horrific incident brought millions of people together with the intent for helping the victims, and so far there have been thousands who have been helped and are now living peacefully in their homes, but many still remain who require our help, such as the many people who suffered serious injuries and are admitted in the hospitals even today. Although over 14 years have passed, we must not forget the people who suffered, and must make every effort to help them even today. Here are 5 ways how you can still help the victims of the 9/11 incident.


Remember the Victims

One way to help the victims is to keep remembering the stories of those who have left us. Pray that they rest in peace and remember how they used to contribute to the society by doing their part. This included many of the firefighters who lost their lives while trying to save the injured people from the incident. For this purpose, in 2014 a museum was built based on the theme of the events of 9/11 incident, where until now about 3 million people have already made a visit.


Connect With the Victims of 9/11

One way to help the victims is to connect with them one to one. An organization which was established to help the children who lost their parents during the world trade center incident, Tuesday’s children is still working to connect the children from all parts of the country, in order to help them with their lives. The main purpose of the organization is to support them in any way possible, and you can also do the same by connecting with them, by funding the organization through charity, by talking to them, because helping them is the best that we can offer.

Justice Alan Page posed for a photo with  scholarship recipients Dijon McCain during the Page Foundation awards ceremony at the University of Minnesota Thursday, June 25, 2015 in Minneapolis, MN. Justice Page will hit the mandatory retirement age of 70 in August. ]  Jerry Holt/ Jerry.Holt@Startribune.com

Donate For Scholarships for Children

Apart from the children who lost their families during the incident, there are many of those children as well who’s parents have been deeply traumatized or have been seriously wounded which has made them unable to go to work. For those families, college fees can be a real challenge. One way we can help is by offering funding for those children, so that they can study with no worries and later get a good job so that they can support their families. One way to donate is to send the funds to some organization, such as the families of freedom scholarship fund.

Support Those Who Have Gone to Help Others

After the incidents of 9/11 took place, several people volunteered to help the country regain its strength and rebuild itself by joining the services. The best we can do is help their families with their finances, and also support them in any way possible

Help the Affected First Responders

Many people died during the incident, some of which also included the first responders, but since some of them were not injured or dead during the first 96 hours of the incident they were not offered help by the government. For this purpose, several private organizations were created to help the families of these people. The best we can do is to also donate to these organizations, so the families can get all the help they deserve.

September 9th, 2001 was one of the darkest days in world history, when thousands of people died within a matter of minutes as the largest buildings in the world collapsed to the ground. Much has happened since the crash of these great American buildings…
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Why 9/11 Still Breaks Hearts? Here are 5 Reasons!

The 9/11 incident was certainly a big tragedy, whether you are one of the victims or some person living thousands of miles away. The incident has broken so many hearts, to see the giant buildings fall to the ground and you can do nothing about it. Indeed, 9/11 was a dark day for the whole world, and to this day it still breaks millions of hearts whenever the term “world trade center” is mentioned. After all these years, what is it that brings even the toughest to tears when they hear of the horrific incident? Here are a few reasons why the term 9/11 still breaks many hearts.

Deaths of the Victims

There is no greater moment of sadness when you see someone die in front of you. And for people to witness the deaths of thousands of people, many of whom were hard working people, is just heart breaking. Among the people who died during the 9/11 attacks, a number of young people, as well as children were involved, who had their life ended without even seeing the world. Having so many people die in such a short time is very painful to watch, especially when there are over 2 billion people watching, and yet no one can do anything about it.

Deaths of Rescuers

Even greater tragedy than the deaths of the victims was the deaths of the people who died while helping the victims, many of which were people from the armed forces, the police and the firefighters, who suffered the most deaths during the rescue operations. An even greater tragedy is that some of those firefighters died as a result of tripping and getting trapped under the rubble and being crushed by the weight during the final moments of the operation, but since they died after the incident, the government decided not to give their families any aid.

Conspiracy Theories

It is sad how one of the most tragic incidents took place in America, and yet is bombarded with controversies from all around the area, and the government itself is not able to make a clear statement as to what happened. The affected families who are waiting for an answer are yet to hear from the authorities, but still have received no word from the officials.



As many of us may have known, America began wars with several Middle Eastern countries right after the 9/11 incident. So, whenever someone hears about the death of their loved one in one of these countries, they go back to the memory of the WTC incident, and wonder how the situation would have been so much different if the incident wouldn’t have happened, and how their loved ones would still be with them.

Muslim Community

As the 9/11 incident was primarily blamed on the Islamic extremist group Al Qaeda, many people in America, and other countries, have portrayed a bad image for the Muslim community in general. Muslims in America have much less civil rights than the normal citizens of the country. The Muslim community has truly suffered as they cannot live freely. This is very heartbreaking for them because none of them actually had to do anything with the event, but are still being punished for something they did not do.

September 9th, 2001 was one of the darkest days in world history, when thousands of people died within a matter of minutes as the largest buildings in the world collapsed to the ground. Much has happened since the crash of these great American buildings…
– See more at: http://www.september11fund.org/a-few-words/#sthash.wJLgXyZs.dpuf

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