A New Design for Rebuilding the World Trade Center has Been Chosen

It has been nearly 14 years since the destruction of the Twin Towers and the World Trade Center. It is with excitement that the newest design of the World Trade Center has been released.  A Danish architect was chosen to come up with the new design.

The architect, Bjarke Ingels, is happy to announce that the new design is “purposefully asymmetrical.” There will be a stair-step façade with green balconies that face the east and a glassy curtain that looks west toward the 9/11 memorial plaza and the Hudson River.

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Along with the excitement, however, will always be doubts of whether or not the new design will work or if the project will even follow through. It is said that 21st Century Fox and News Corps have signed an agreement to occupy the lower half of the tower.


The building will have 80 stories which equal over 1,000 feet. Ingels’ architect group even included newsrooms, studios, and many more details which make it sound like that the deal is done and the company will be moving forward with the building. The estimated project completion date will be by September 2021 which will be the 20th anniversary of the attacks.

Ingels made a video about how the design will lay out which is available to the public to view. It will be the second tallest of the World Trade Center towers. The first tower was actually 1,776 feet tall.

The official new look on the second building is apparently aligned with the axis of the plaza to preserve the views to the St. Paul’s Chapel all the way to the Memorial park. The new design is also described as bold and new looking which could be just the right thing for rebuilding in the area.

According to Ingels, this is one of his best projects yet. Between the design and the importance of the building, this will give him major credit. He said it took many months to come up with the exact replica of what will be built. There are several models on the website of what it will look like once it’s completed. There are view from inside the building, outside the building, and also what the people who work in the building will see. It has dazzling windows and will also have a feature of displaying the latest news from 21st Century Fox.

He has even gone as far as designing the garden so each floor has access to viewing it.  He says that there was a setback in creating the gardens because the blocks that are in it obviously get smaller as a person goes higher. To solve the issue he made a series of the outdoor gardens which was made for each block. He claims that the gardens are supposed to evoke the varying climates from tropical to arctic.

The last few photos shown are actually the inside designs, topped with people modeling in the certain spaces. For example, he designed a few people sitting in the café that is built right inside the building. He has gone through extreme measures to ensure that this project will benefit a lot of people.

September 9th, 2001 was one of the darkest days in world history, when thousands of people died within a matter of minutes as the largest buildings in the world collapsed to the ground. Much has happened since the crash of these great American buildings…
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5 ways how WTC affected the Muslims in America

9th September 2001, a group of Muslim extremists called Al-Qaeda crashed planes into the northern and southern towers of the World trade center. Over 3,000 people died, including rescuers, as the world watched in horror. As the largest buildings in the world collapsed, so did the lives of Muslims living in America. After the downfall of the world trade center, life in America completely changed for the Muslims, and had become one of the most targeted communities in our society. Here is how the Muslims were affected in America


After the 9/11 incident, the Muslims were primarily targeted and were subject to interrogations. Over 100 Muslims were interrogated every single day, some of them even multiple times. They were kept in specially made cells under harsh conditions, and would use strict measures if the person had no answer to their questions, such as water boarding and solitary confinement. Due to this, many Muslims in America had now become traumatized, and some of them even developed mental disorders. They were given no medical treatment for overcoming their disorders or trauma.



One of the things that increased rapidly after the world trade center attack was the number of deported people from the country. Even when some of the Muslims were engaged in helping the victims they were considered terrorists who were supposedly trying to gather information. Such controversies were the cause of deportation of around 500,000 people, where the majority of them were Muslims established in America. They were now forced to leave their country for helping the citizens in need.


One of the many things that Muslims suffered after the 9/11 incident was unemployment. Almost every Muslim who had a job in an American company was either demoted to the lowest rank in the company or was fired from his/her job. Many people who tried to get some sort of a job were either given the jobs of a janitor, or were forced on the streets as advertisers of a particular firm. Their wages were minimum, and the people who were not able to get any jobs were forced to live on the streets owing to the increasing debts they had to pay since they had no money left.


Muslims used to worship their religion freely bit it became nonexistent after the incident. In fact, any Muslim found practicing their religion was considered a terrorist, and were detained for several days if found worshiping even in their own homes. This made practicing religion for Muslims almost impossible, and many of them were even forced to convert to other religions. Life was truly unfair to them.


A lot of Muslims died following the 9/11 incident, not because of natural reasons, but were rather killed or tortured to death. Muslim Americans were not even safe in their own homes, as unidentified people would force their way into their homes, killing all men, women and children residing. A Muslim person would usually be found dead in their own car, as a result of a stabbing from a knife. Over a thousand Muslims were killed within 1 week of the 9/11 incident.

September 9th, 2001 was one of the darkest days in world history, when thousands of people died within a matter of minutes as the largest buildings in the world collapsed to the ground. Much has happened since the crash of these great American buildings…
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